Basement Re-Construction.



5/08/07--Discussing how far down to dig. The inspector keeps changing his mind. In the meantime, digging stops til a decision is made.

In the meantime Christian is in the basement working.

The DuPont inspector trying to decide how deep to go.

Christian working with the rebar cutter

With a long handle cutting is a snap.

The roots of our pine tree that was killed in the fire and the white pipes of our water supply.

Marcos chipping away at the faux fireplace.

One of the Fishel workers using a hand pick to break up the dirt against the basement wall.

I found a use for the broken up cement pieces that County said had to go. I'd have thought that it would have made the base of the house stronger instead of digging up all that dirt and recompacting it.

Gracie was nipping at my foot just like he used to do when he first came to us. He hasn't done that in a long time.

Marcos chipping off the faux face of the basement fireplace. His friend was using an air hose to blow dust out of holes that were drilled in the concrete block before inserting some U-shaped rebar that will be used to shape concrete columns.

Carlos making a volcano hole in the big mound of dirt.

Fishel's water truck water the volcano hole. I have no idea how deep the hole was or how much water went into it.

Another view of the old pine tree and its roots. The motorhome behind is the field office.

DuPont Inspector Paby conferring with Fishel foreman Humberto about the depth and compaction of the underslab work.

A volunteer desert plant on the edge of one of my yards.

3 Mexican workers trying to straighten a cement block wall that got moved slightly.

The string on top shows how much it had been pushed in and when the string lines up on the edge of the cement block wall, it will be back in place.

Notice the yellow string is still in a straight line but it is all on the edge of the wall. The guys were able to push the wall back. I'm impressed!

This is a better view showing how they did it.

Those U-shaped rebar things ARE the beginning of one of the cement columns that will support the columns spanning the top of the basement.

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