Basement Re-Construction. 5/9/07

The Cement truck arrived around 7 in the morning

Getting the sample for the inspector to test.

Starting the pour into the egress area.

Watching the mud slide down the spout

Dropping into the egress to be spread around

Spreading the concrete

Working the concrete into place. Christian is the one in the cool hat, Carmen is vibrating the concrete to get out the air pockets

With 2 projects going on at the same time, my time was split. Here the Team Fishel workers were filling and compacting the areas they had dug out the 2 days before. This particular compactor (what's its official name?) is remote controlled and didn't want to work whenever I tried to catch it in motion with the other camera.

Carlos helping Fernando get the recalcitrant compacting machine working again. Lazy machine!

Back to the egress to see how the concreting is doing.

Spreading the concrete into the footing and all over the floor

Ray's concrete mixer on the front of his bobcat

Shoveling in the ingredients for the right concrete recipe.

Carmen shoveling sand into the mix.

2--I mean--3 hard workers. Ray is in the bobcat; Christian and Carmen are shoveling sand.

The shovel also spreads and...

...tamps the dirt.

A smooth cement floor in the egress area.

View towards the original egress after the steps were taken out and a new concrete floor put in. The door into the basement is on the left.

Marcos putting a concrete floor in the window wells that will be used for built in storage.

Putting in the finishing touches.

The first well is finished. In the lower right you can see Marcos working on the 2nd well.

Cleaning out the mixer.

I want a swimming pool but this is not what I had in mind.

The compacting was still being done.

Marcos and Christian having a short lunch break in a little bit of shade. Since it was still early in the day, the temperature was still cool. It was right around 90* at 11 am and they broke for lunch shortly after that. The day topped out at 97,98. Still a cool day.

Moving the cement block to the basement. The one in the basement caught them as the blocks were dropped to him and he put them on the stack.

The block piles grows.

Another pallet of block arrives. Ray is bringing it from the field next to our property.

The bobcat pushes dirt into the area that has been filled and compacted.

Carlos the Team Fishel back hoe driver posing.

What we saw from the motor home after everyone called it a day.

The other side of the view.

The basement after cleanup at the end of the day looking at the egress door.

Tools locked up in the big black tool box and the floor swept.

A better view of the egress door, pile of block and bags of cement.

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